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May Samra

Philosophies for lonely travel

Tradición Árabe
Mi familia
Dame tu Opinión
Otros Sitios de Interés
Philosophies for lonely travel
Mis Encuentros
the moon was orange


Meeting  ex President Jose Maria Aznar was such a wonderful surprise

These are the recomendations of the "Lonely Travel" site

Take pleasure in difficulties

Most travellers, particularly those who travel alone, do it for the challenge. When one is lying on a bunk bed beneath an itchy brown blanket that hasn't been washed for months, wondring why the hell you are putting yourself through it; rememeber "what is difficult is always worthwhile." Plato

Find where humour hides

Laugh at the absurdity of culture. Laugh at futility. Laugh at error. Laugh at misadventure. Laugh in the face of bad luck, chaos, misfortune and hostility. "Life can be a comedy or a tragedy - it just depends how you look at it." W. Allen

Drink yourself into oblivion...

....hit rock bottom, and then open your eyes. People are adaptable. We secretly like and need to go through cycles of pain to then fully appreciate the intensity of the good times. Sometimes you need to wallow in misery. Do it until you are purged and then move on. Move up. "Happiness is more than momentary bliss." Aristotle

Write to give meaning

Travel is a bittersweet experience, as is starting a new life abroad. "Why do something so hard?" we ask ourselves. "Why do I feel I have to do it?" Write it all down. Capture something of the essence of your unique experience and your journey will become significant.

Discover what you don't want

People often say they travel to discover who they are and what they want. I say, travel to discover what you don't want. This is a fair more achievable goal. In doing so you will actually discover what is important to you in life.

Take chances

Chaos is to be embraced. Travel is unpredicatable. It is an adventure. Thus the traveller must welcome uncertainty into his fearful heart. Give yourself up to chance and in time you will be truly free.

Introspect a little

It is easier to access one's own mind when one is not in the comfort of one's living room. Question your thought processes, question your beliefs, question your identity, question your fears and your passions. Travel will isolate or liberate; think, and the choice is yours to make.